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Frey's Bookmarks

Here are some of my favorite bookmarks and sites that I've encountered over the years. Enjoy my friends!

Poobala.com's Crossover & Spin-Off Master Page A cool page where a guy has gone ahead and listed
and even categorized most notable crossovers in american television. Everything from I love Lucy to Arrow.

Shonumi A mad lad who is attempting to emulate oddities
such as the Gameboy Mobile Adapter or even the Gameboy sewing machine,fascinating reads.

Obscurehandhelds.com a site keeping you up to date on the latest chinese emulation handhelds

Rare Tokusatsu a dude subtitling rare and lesser known tokusatsu films and shows

Spyware Watchdog Good site to read up on what sites and software are spying on you without you knowing. Things like discord or google chrome blur the line between software and spyware so it's good to be informed.

Zompist.com Interesting site about conlanging, worldbuilding and the creator's projects!.

Landchad.net neat and simple site that helps you build your own platform to stand on in this world wide web of ours. Shows you how to make a site, email server and so on, really good stuff

Killedbygoogle.com A sort of graveyard of all the projects that Google has abandoned